Quality and Everyday Enjoyment

We set high quality standards for our products and are committed to use fresh, high quality ingredients, both in our coffee and other products that we offer in our coffee shops.

Having accumulated experience and knowledge from generation to generation,  the third generation Loumidis continues with the same love, passion and vision as their grandfathers. They offer you your own personal blend of warm and fresh coffee which is ground right in front of you...

We always offer a new blend of coffee for you to drink, a new tea to smell and a new treat to taste, our goal is to take you deeper into our magical world each time you visit our coffee shops. With our continuous training and education, we create new standards in quality service which offer  a unique shopping experience.

  Our focus is always the customer
We recognize our customers as “royalty" and we work everyday to impress you by giving you a unique shopping experience from the first time and every time.

  Human Relationships
We address customers of all ages who want to build warm relationships and offer enjoyment  to their guests, their families and themselves.