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In the beginning of our Century 1910, the three brothers Anthony, Nikolas, and Jason Loumidis, in their quest for a better life left their home town Karystos. They worked hard to find and distribute coffee which was very expensive at that time. They were the first to distribute and market it.

In the grocery store where they worked in order to prepare their coffee, they used a manual coffee roaster, and for fuel they used wood and charcoal. The manufacturing process of the coffee was very difficult, and the production of the desired quality was a real challenge: coffee should be evenly roasted, have consistent color and not lose any of its valuable components in the process.

Within that ‘’primitive’’ grocery store, the Loumidis brothers gained valuable experience, which was the most important asset in their subsequent course in the world of coffee.


Loumidis brothers, Jason, Nikolas and Antonis, left their birthplace Karystos and headed to Piraeus carrying with them their everlasting passion for their trade. During the first six years occupied themselves with the particularly demanding art of roasting and preparing coffee with the help of the time’s traditional equipment. Loumidis brothers were very well aware that, the desired quality could only be achieved by roasting the coffee beans evenly so as to bring out all the unique characteristics and ingredients that ensure coffee’s full taste and aroma. Indeed, at those times the trade demanded hardwork, enthusiasm and devotion.

By then, Loumidis Bros had acquired deep knowledge of their trade and decided to invest all their money into the opening of their first coffee shop on Retsina Street in Piraeus. The shop was to sell only freshly grounded coffee.


Loumidis Bros decide to expand by opening their coffee shop on the much more commercial Tsamadou Street in Piraeus.

The well known advertising slogan “Each to his trade and Loumidis to coffee” is launched. Nikolas Loumidis’ sharp mind thought of it when competition opened its doors next to Loumidis Bros.

  In Athens, at the area called Chafteia and at a spot that was previously Giannis Chaftas’ coffee shop, Loumidis Bros open another coffee shop. The Greek poet Souris writes: “When you want to drink Brazilian coffee like a serious coffee lover take Aiolou Street and at the area called Chafteia you will find Loumidis and Co”.


Loumidis coffee becomes well known and gains international recognition at exhibitions in Bologna (Italy) and Nice (France). The family business expands with the opening of a grand new coffee shop on Tsimiski Street in Thessaloniki.

  Loumidis Loft opens on Stadiou Street and it also serves freshly brewed coffee. All writers, artists and journalists meet at the loft to discuss, criticize and gossip over a cup of Loumidis coffee. In Greece, Loumidis Bros are the first to follow successfully the European trend of socializing over coffee.


A new coffee shop opens its doors at the Athenean Market (Agora). Roasting is now taking place in newly acquired and modern premises in order to ensure premium quality.

  Chocolate is widely acclaimed when Loumidis Chocolate Factory is founded on Athinon Avenue.


At the opening of the new, privately owned, impressive coffee shop in Piraeus the grandness and the good taste are appraised.

  Loumidis’ second generation gets to seat behind the driving will of Loumidis Bros.

  Yet another Loumidis coffee shop opens its doors on Ermou Street in Thessaloniki. A central coffee processing, packaging and distributing unit is founded.


Loumidis Bros becomes Loumidis S.A. and uses as trademark the “Loumidis parrot” (papagalos). The company grows rapidly and opens new coffee shops in Patra and Kavala.

  Loumidis S.A. found a factory for the production of custom made coffee in Oinofyta, Viotias.


Loumidis S.A. that produced and distributed “Loumidis Papagalos” is sold to Nestle S.A. Loumidis family kept the deep knowledge, the tradition and the enthusiasm for the production of coffee and continued the family business with the Loumidis Coffee Shops.


The coffee shop in Thessaloniki opens its doors once again. Loumidis Coffee shops start to operate within Continent Super Market stores (now Carrefour).

  Loumidis third generation enters the business full of fresh ideas and respect for tradition.

  New coffee shops open in Karditsa and Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

  Loumidis coffee shop now operate also within AB Vasilopoulos Super Market stores in Athens and Salonika. Two new coffee shops open in Volos and Serres.


  New coffee shops open in Mytilini, Lagadas and Kastoria.

New coffee shop opens in Argos.

Lamia welcomes another new Loumidis coffee shop.

Chalkida and Ioannina welcome their own new Loumidis coffee shops.

Loumidis family opens coffee shops in Marousi and Korintho.

New coffee shops open their doors in Kalithea and Kalamata.

New shops are built in Xio, Larissa, Nea Ionia and Peiraia

Loumidis presence in Piraeus is now almost a century old and Loumidis coffee shop moves to the renovated Megaron Politi. New coffee shops open in Agios Dimitrios and Agrinio.

Yet another Loumidis coffee shop opens in Katerini.


  Today the third generation of the Loumidis family is continuing with devotion the long family coffee tradition and having accumulated experience of 90 years we offer our customers freshly ground coffee from the best quality

  Our values ​​and respect for our products and customers, has established the Loumidis Coffee Shop company as the most well known business in the industry with recognition and emotional values for the history of Greek businesses