In our coffee shops, coffee is a family affair!

The concept for the entire network Loumidis Coffee Shops is based on family. The Loumidis family keeps the traditions and continues the story of Greek coffee ,which started in the beginning of the last century.

From the moment you enter Loumidis Coffee Shops you will be overwhelmed with the warmth and aroma of freshly cut coffee. You will be  welcomed  with a warm smile and feel  a “mother's” touch in the delights that are sprinkled with plenty of icing; you will taste our sweet liquor and crisp cookies, smell our aromatic teas and chocolates. You will feel the personal touch of "father" Loumidis everywhere. He will help you explore the world of freshly roasted coffee and introduce you to new flavors that offer quality and enjoyment. He will teach you to love good coffee.

... who knows coffee better  than Loumidis himself?